Live Contest

Customize the entry page of your contest, with a form, your questions, your settings, your rules, your timer. Draw random winners at your convenience in addition to getting a formless page that you can display or project anywhere to your audience LIVE.


Run your own show and pick winners in front of your audience only with Live Contest. Customize your page to your taste with custom rotating backgrounds, displaying your logo/website and setting your own rules.

The Live Contest has 2 displays. The first page is where your audience can enter your contest by filling in your form and seeing the countdown. Second is where your show takes place for your audience to watch the winners get picked live. By customizing the form, you can set your own requirements for participants to be eligible to win your Prize. Later you can export this information and use it to plan your marketing strategy and growth.

To use Live Contest you don’t have to connect to any social network. Once published, you simply need to send out or share the link of your contest to the participants.


Live Contest has an easy and intuitive interface that will help you make a draw very quickly. Your winners can be picked automatically on a given time interval between two draws or you can draw them manually, both are done randomly by our software.

To make a Live contest you’ll need:

  1. Time and date when you will have your contest
  2. Prizes that you will give to the winners
  3. Questions that your followers can answer on the form (name, email address, favorite product..)

Live Contest main features:

Run a Winner Picking Show

 Have a special screen where you just pick winners

Ask anything you like with Forms

Use our Forms to ask the info you need the most from your users

Countdown to draws

Countdown to the start of your draws that increases excitement and participation

Give out multiple Prizes to multiple winners

You can give multiple different prizes (up to 200 on the Premium plan)

Customize Backgrounds

Add up to 3 custom backgrounds that will rotate every few seconds

Redirect users to your website

Redirect users when the click on the background to your website

Import Participants

Import participants from .xls spreadsheet to your Contest

Draw Winners Manually or Automatically

Draw your next prize at given time interval or manually 

Export Data

Export all the data that you have gathered in spreadsheet format


Live Contest is a winner picker tool that draws winners from your giveaway, contest, raffle or promotion in real-time. Live Contest works by providing you with two screens. The Form screen on which your audience signs up and leaves its info, and a second screen where you run your winner picking show and draw random winners live.


This tool is great for creating good relations with your customers and increasing exposure. You can even decide to create an (online) event out of it. Many businesses will make contests where their customers can sign up in order to win an iPhone, or a piece of furniture (or whatever your product may be). Then, you will have the Live Contest screen where you can project your winner picking in real time, so all your customers can see who won the prize. This way you create engagement with your customers, and you increase exposure to your brand and products.


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