Best app for picking a winner on Facebook & Instagram

Pick Winners on Instagram and Facebook

Wanna have an app for picking a winner? Random winner generator for Giveaways and contests on social media is one of the most effective strategies to engage with your followers.

It’s the secret behind the growth of many new brands and influencers.

Through giveaways you can promote new products, encourage sign-ups and build brand image.

If 10 people are participating in the contests, you just scroll through and pick someone.

On the other hand, if you have thousands Likes & Comments what do you do then?

Take a look at this post from The Sole Women on Instagram. How can you choose from almost 2000 Likes?

 app for picking a winner

You would have to scroll from here to infinity (and back). And how likely is that you would do that?

You will maybe go through the first few hundreds and pick someone, but that’s not fair.


So, what’s the solution?


It’s easy, you need app to randomly generate a winner for Facebook and Instagram, or both. We present you Osortoo! Osortoo is the best Instagram contest picker.

Osortoo is a free app for picking a winner, it’s easy to use and works great on all social media platforms.

So how can I make a Giveaway using Osortoo?

Step 1: Go to and Sign Up Free

Osortoo homepage Signup-app for picking a winner-Osortoo is the best Instagram contest picker.

Enter your email and password.

You will receive a confirmation mail so please confirm the mail.

Step 2: From the left menu, select Social Media Picker

app for picking a winner


Step 3: Connect your social media profile (Facebook/Instagram or Multi-Platform Giveaway)

Sign in with the social media profile you would like to use.

You can use our app for picking a winner on Facebook, Instagram or both.

Instagram Giveaway picker as the name implies pick winners from comments on Instagram.

Facebook Giveaway picker picks winners only on Facebook.

Choose comment picker Instagram, Facebook or Multi-Platform Giveaway

Try our exclusive Multi-platform feature, pick winners from Instagram + Facebook at the same time.

Also you can pick winners from multiple posts on both platforms. How cool is that?

Instead of making two or more separate Giveaways, now you can make one giant Giveaway and everyone can participate.

With this you will be able to gather all your followers at one place. It’s a great way to grow your audience.

Don’t worry we have special filter to remove doubles that we will show you later.

Step 4: Give Facebook permission for your Business Pages

You will be asked to log to Facebook and give permission for your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Facebook owns Instagram, so through Facebook you give your permission for the Instagram pages too.

You must be an admin of a given page to select it and pick winners.

If you have any problem connecting your Facebook to Osortoo take a look at this short guide.

app for picking a winner

*We won’t post instead of you or show anything on your timeline, don’t worry.

Step 5: Select your Pages

Select your Facebook pages.

app for picking a winner. Osortoo is the best Instagram contest picker.

And your Instagram pages, and click Continue.

Select your Instagram pages too

Step 6: Select Posts for your Giveaway

First you select the posts from one page, then from the other.

In this case first from Facebook then from Instagram.

So select your post on Facebook. Then go to Instagram page on the right.

Select post that you want to draw from on Facebook and go next to Instagram

Select the posts on Instagram too.

After you are finished press Continue.

Select posts on Instagram use app for picking a winner

Step 7: Choose your Winner Picking Criteria

Choose the number of winners you would like to get.

Remove Duplicates is great if you are making Multi-Platform Giveaway, so everyone would have equal chance to win.

You can decide to give more chances of winning to participants who left multiple comments and/or mentions.

Ask for a minimum of mentions in a comment as well to only keep the participants who tagged X people.

Suggest participants, specific mentions, words or hashtags and better target your audience.

Finally, you can add participants manually and exclude a list of people from winning your giveaway. (very useful to remove spams)

app for picking a winner:Osortoo is the best Instagram contest picker.



Step 8: You have picked a Winner from app!

You have the Winners from app for picking a winner

You can see the winners with the details of your Giveaway.

It’s all tidy and nicely organized so you can have all the info in one place.

Next thing is to announce it to your followers.

Step 9: Share it with your Followers

Download the Osortoo Winner Card and announce the winner to your followers.

This way they will know that you used a special pick a winner app and that it was a fair game.

Download the Winner Story too and add it to your Instagram Story because now everyone will see your post.

Osortoo Winner & Story Cards

Voila, you just made a successful Giveaway.

Our separate Instagram Giveaway Picker and Facebook Giveaway Picker work on the same principle.

You just don’t have the option to choose from the other network. If you want to do a winner picking with them you have one free try.

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It will help you to better structure your Giveaway and make it more viral.

Still not sure whether using random “Pick a winner app” over hand picking is better? Take a look at this article.


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