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For every new client you bring to Osortoo get a commission. Join now and start increasing your revenues day by day. Introduce Osortoo, the app that offers several marketing tools in one platform. Promote Osortoo to your friends or subscribers to help them manage contests and giveaways easily.

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How can I be an affiliate ?

It’s FAST and EASY to become an Osortoo Affiliate. 

Simply register to our affiliate program following the steps below and get a unique link in no time to start promoting the platform TODAY !

You will receive a payment every month, between the 1st and the 5th, as soon as you get a total of commissions of $25+ in your account. 

Are you ready to start the Affiliate Program ?

Create an Affiliate Account in a few minutes for free. Once your account has been approved by Osortoo, receive instantly your unique Affiliate Link. 

Share your unique Affiliate link with everyone that can have an interest in Osortoo. Share the link on your social media, on your blog or directly to people you want to help.

You get 20% of what the customers you introduced to Osortoo spends. Collect your money every month as long as you reach a minimum of $25 of commission. There is no limit on commissions and referees.

Why Osortoo Affiliate Program ?

You get your commission as long as your referree signs up within 90 days after clicking your unique affiliate link.

Track your progress everyday to know how you are performing as an Affiliate. Check your commissions and analyze the collected data.

Download your data from your dashboard through reports whenever you wish to in a few clicks.

Receive a 20% commission every time an Osortoo customer your referred makes a purchase on our platform.

Go beyond being an Osortoo Affiliate and get access to further business opportunities you can qualify for.

Get trained, ask questions, jump on a call, send an email / chat. Get help fast, anywhere, anytime with our support team.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Anyone is qualified to be part of Osortoo’s Affiliate Program. You do not need to be a client to be an Affiliate.

No. You do not have pay any fee to be part of the Affiliate Program of Osortoo. You do not spend money on Osortoo, you only profit from it. 

Yes. This is a great opportunity for you to give alternatives to your audience and direct part of them towards the platform that best fit their needs. 

The attribution model we use is based on the first served basis. This means as long as you are the first to have referred a client you are the one who will receive the commission from that buyer.

Yes. This is the best for you. Keep using your unique affiliate link on each of the website you use. 

ALL payments are made through PayPal ONLY. 

If the amount of commissions on your account is a minimum of $25, you will receive a monthly payment from Osortoo via PayPal between the 1st and the 5th of the month.

The commission rate for every affiliate program member is 20% of what the referee spends on Osortoo. 

You will be given the link once you register into the affiliate program. You can find back that link anytime from your dashboard. 

Yes BUT you are not allowed to create your own promotional content for the Osortoo promotion. You can ONLY use the promotional content given to you by Osortoo when spreading the word. 

The referral cookie life is 90 days. You will be allocated with the referral as long as the visitor who clicked on your affiliate link signs up within 90 days. Even if the client starts with a free option and then becomes a paying user anytime in the future, you will earn your commission.

No. Signing up to become an Osortoo client with your referral link is strictly prohibited. You cannot refer yourself, your immediate family or the company you work for by using your affiliate link. The goal of the Affiliate program is not to offer discount but to grow the platform. 

You are allowed to create a blog, website, page, or social media account but you cannot act as Osortoo; you cannot use our logo or a misspelling of our brand name, act or communicate as a representative of Osortoo. Affiliates need to be 100% independent so we can keep a strong brand consistency.

Our tracking system is based on browser cookies. If you used a different browser/device from the visit to sign up, cleared your cookies, used incognito, or you signed up from your own referral link, the signup might not be tracked. If you are 100% sure the sign-ups or sales were not tracked correctly, contact us at

Yes, BUT there are some limitations. Google Ads is strictly prohibited to avoid cannibalization. You also need to make sure your placement is not violating our terms and conditions. We don’t allow direct linking; the traffic should land on a landing page, which needs to be approved by our marketing team prior to your ad’s publication. If you want to do paid advertising, reach out to us ( with your strategy so we can approve it.

Yes. You cannot promote anything that would alter the image of Osortoo, offer incentives, rebates, or coupons unless permission has been received from Osortoo. You are strictly prohibited from copying any content from the website, using black hat or grey hat SEO, duplicate content or any unauthorized backlinking strategies or SPAM. You can’t use Google Ads to promote your affiliate link. The complete list of limitations is available in our terms and conditions, in your affiliate dashboard.

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