Instant Win

Draw instant winners in a sweepstake

Make an Instant Win, sweepstake where your users enter their info to participate and get an instant message with the results Win/Lose. 

If they don’t win they can get a discount on your product or a second chance to play. The second prize ideas are unlimited. What’s important is that this kind of sweepstake is very efficient in driving sales and creating engagement with your customers.

You can adjust win probability on Instant Win. That is you can enter the probability of someone wining your prize, if you for example enter 90% every participant will have a 90% chance to win. Out of 100 people 90 will win your prize.


Instant Win has an easy and intuitive interface that will help you make a your own sweepstake in less than a minute. Your participants can start coming on your landing page and interacting within seconds. The will immediately find out if they have won your prize or lost and be familiarized with the “second prize” option  It’s all done automatically with our software.

To make a Instant Win you’ll need:

  1. Time and date when you will have your sweepstake
  2. Prizes that you will give to your followers
  3. Questions that your followers can answer on the form
  4. The second prize option
  5. Adjust win probability

Instant Win main features:

Instant Win

Run a Instant Win where your participant instantly know if they won or not

Ask anything you like with Forms

Use our Forms to ask the info you need the most from your users

Set win probability

Set the probability of someone wining your prize in percent’s

Give out multiple Prizes to multiple winners

You can give multiple different prizes (up to 200 on the Premium plan)

Customize Backgrounds

Add up to 3 custom backgrounds that will rotate every few seconds

Redirect users to your website

Redirect users when the click on the background to your website

Import Participants

Import participants from .xls spreadsheet to your Contest

Export Data

Export all the data that you have gathered in spreadsheet format


Instant Win is a free sweepstake tool that allows your participants to come and enter their data in the Form and when they click Submit they immediately get a You have won/You didn’t win this time message.
So it’s a sweepstake mixed with instant winner picking that is engaging your users and giving them real time answer if they have won or not.

This tool is great for driving sales and engagement. If someone has sign up for a sweepstake for some products the chances are that he is also willing to pay for that product. So few people will win your product/prize but the others wont and you can give them a discount of 10% which will make their buying decision easier, or you can give them another chance to play. This is a great method to keep your customers in the loop and drive sales as well as increase exposure to your brand and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is, with our Instant Win you can pick one free draw per project. If you want to use more than that you can subscribe to one of our Plans, see pricing.

Yes you can have multiple different prizes and you can give them to different people. The number of prizes and winners depends on your plan.

Yes you can import participants in the Participants tab through .xls spreadsheet.

No, because we value your privacy and security, and we want all your data to be securely stored. That’s why we need you to log in to use any of our tools.

Yes, you can upload up to 3 different backgrounds that will rotate (depending on your subscription plan). Make sure that the background you upload is not heavier than 2MB.

Yes you can add win probability in percent's. So if you add a win probability of 60% and you have a 100 participants you will get 60 winners. 

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