Giveaway Winner Picker Tool for Social Media Contests

Absolute Best Winner Picker Tool for Social Media Contests

Did you know that there are more than 3.8 billion active social media users across all the platforms? I bet most of Instagram top accounts have tried giveaway winner picker at least sometime in their social networking history. This is the talk of the town. That’s a lot of people that your business could potentially […]

Random Comment Picker for Facebook and Instagram Giveaways

Random Comment Picker for Facebook and Instagram Giveaways

Do you want to pick comments on Instagram and Facebook at the same time? What if you could combine the two giveaways and pick a random winner? And do it with one random comment picker app? Wouldn’t that be great? Yeah it is, because Osortoo now offers you Multi-Platform Winner Picking! Now you can pick winners […]

How to Spot Fake Account in Giveaways

How to Spot Fake Accounts in Giveaways

A recurring problem on social media is fake accounts! They can affect you during your giveaway too… So check out this article to manage fake accounts in your giveaways.

Best App for Picking a Winner on Facebook & Instagram

Pick a Winner App for Instagram and Facebook

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an app for picking winners on both Instagram and Facebook?  Picking from both, at the same time? In one contest? Organizing giveaways on social media is one of the most effective strategies to engage with your followers. It’s the secret behind the growth of many brands and influencers. Through giveaways […]

Osortoo Forms

Forms, the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. When it comes to lead generation, forms are  absolutely essential. Osortoo Forms are an optimized way of organizing and enhancing lead generation. These data collection tools are formidable weapons as long as they are well designed and thought out. These are calls to action, they stimulate commitment and […]