Random Comment Picker for Facebook and Instagram Giveaways

Random Comment Picker for Facebook and Instagram Giveaways

Do you want to pick comments on Instagram and Facebook at the same time? What if you could combine the two giveaways and pick a random winner? And do it with one random comment picker app? Wouldn’t that be great?

Yeah it is, because Osortoo now offers you Multi-Platform Winner Picking!

Now you can pick winners from your comments on Instagram + Facebook at the same time, and from multiple posts.

This is the random comment picker tool that you asked us for and we delivered! Exclusively on Osortoo.

Multiplatform Giveaway Winner Picker

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The Big Breakthrough: Picking from Multiple Platforms

Osortoo exists for over 2 years and the Number 1 complaint we got was: How can I make one giveaway for both Instagram and Facebook?

One winner generator that will select a winner for both contests at the same time.

This was very frustrating to us, because we love our customers and we wanted to help them.

There were few ideas on how to do it, but no one had done it before, so we were very skeptical. Could a little start-up company pull the unimaginable and make this great feature that everyone wants to use?

Our Developer Team pushed to the maximum and after 6 months we got the working prototype (Corona lockdown helped us a bit ?). Few weeks later we unveiled the Osortoo v2.0 with our exclusive feature Multi-Platform Picker!

Multiplatform Picker in action: 2 Instagram + 1 Facebook winner

So, why is this Multi-Platform Picker the future of social media giveaways?

Saves Time

Instead of using Instagram comment picker and Facebook equivalent, you just use one picker. No need for setting up two identical contests, just for different social networks.

No need to rush any more from Instagram to Facebook, so you can run the second contest . . . hoping that your followers won’t notice.

With the Multi-Platform Picker you do it all at once.

You just set up the Picker once and pick a winner from Instagram and Facebook comments together, and even pick from multiple posts.


Random Comment Picker Removes Doubles in Contests

Don’t split your audience in two groups! Don’t make one set of rules for Instagram followers, and another for those on Facebook.

Gather all your audience in one place and pick randomly the winners. Now you might think . . . . Wait a minute, what if someone plays on both networks. They will have a double chance to win, right?

Wrong, we have Remove Doubles filter on our random comment picker which will take care of that. Everyone in your giveaway will have an equal chance to win.  We ensure fair-play all the way!

Winner Post & Story Card

You get our special Winner Post Card to post on your profile and notify your followers that you have picked the random winners.

Whether for an Instagram post or one on Facebook, your customer will know that you used a winner picker tool to fairly peek you random winners.

Download the Winner Story Card and put it as your Story on Instagram. This makes the whole announcement part easier and visually more pleasing for your followers.

Osortoo Winner Cards

Besides for the visual appeal Osortoo cards also signal to the participants in your giveaway picker that you are running a fair game.

It gives a clue that you are using an Internet tool to pick your winners, everyone had an equal chance to win. So they will be more likely to take part in your next giveaway hoping to get the prize.

Ready to try our Multi-Platform Picker?

Take a look at this short guide on how to set up your account and pick.

SIgn up to Osortoo and start picking now.

Apart from this you can try our separate Instagram Giveaway Picker and Facebook Giveaway Picker tool. This features gives you one free draw if you want to test our tool.

Our separate Instagram comment picker tool as well as the Facebook picker is free to use on up to 50 comments. So if you want to see how Osortoo works, test it first as a free tool and if you like it (or have more than 50 comments) you can purchase the premium.


Looking for a tool to easily manage Facebook and Instagram giveaways or contests across multiple social media platforms? Our random comment picker tool, available for both Facebook and Instagram, is a multi-network giveaway solution allowing you to select a random winner for your posts.

This ad-free picker is equipped with features like a date picker, hashtag support, and the ability to randomly select one or multiple winners, ensuring a seamless and efficient raffle experience.

As the admin of your Facebook page, you can easily fetch posts and comments, select winners. Subscribe to premium for additional features and unlimited comments, making it a comprehensive solution for running social media contests with ease.

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