Where online Forms meets Customization

Osortoo’s Forms is an online tool that helps you create a form for your promotion, event, party, booking, order or webinar. With Forms you can easily generate
 interest, leads and revenues while customizing your page.

It’s like Google Forms meets customization – total freedom to make your page all about your brand/product. You can add your own background, logo, website & you can ask any type of question using our Forms.


Our easy and innovative interface will help you create Forms in less than a minute, with all the customization you need. Ask for a specific info that will help you convert and grow your revenue. 


Use our advanced options to gather specific info like email addresses, phone numbers, websites, file uploads, list and others. Add specific weight to an answer so you can make some answers worth more than others, like in a quiz. Use the unique answer options, so every answer you get is unique, great guard against spammer, multiple registrations by a single person and getting generic answers

Forms main features:

Promote your Product/Service

 Have a special page where you will promote your product/service

Customize your Form

Ask all the questions you want and organize the answers you get

Add Background and Logo

Add your own background and logo to support your brand image

Export Data

Export all the data you have gathered in a spreadsheet format

Redirect users to your website

When users clicks on the background they are redirected on your website

Looks great on Mobile devices

Forms look great on desktop, tablet & mobile devices, no coding required


Forms is a free form creator tool that helps you build your own customizable landing page for your promotion, event, party, booking, order or webinar.

Osortoo’s Forms works by giving you total control over the page customization and aesthetic. From uploading your own background and logo to customizing the questions on your Form. This gives you exposure for your product and brand, as well as gets you the feedback you need from your clients.

To create your own Form you don’t need previous knowledge. It’s all very simple and intuitive and can be done in less than a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions