Multi-Platform Giveaway Picker

Pick a random winner on Instagram + Facebook

Pick a random winner comment for you Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. Our tool can be used to pick winners on Instagram / Facebook Business pages. First, you will have to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page. This is because Instagram is owned by Facebook, so all integrations go through Facebook.

We don’t support personal Instagram or Facebook accounts. 


Multi-Platform Giveaway Picker main features:

Pick a winner from Instagram + Facebook

 Pick from both social networks at the same time in one draw

Pick from Multiple Posts

Pick on both networks from multiple posts

Pick Multiple Winners

Pick multiple winners from your posts

Give Extra Entries

Offer extra entries for “comments” and @tags to increase win probability

Winner & Story Card

Osortoo’s visual token that shows your users that you’ve picked your winners fairly

Include Comment Replies

Allow the replies to comments to count as participation in your Giveaway

Filter by Hashtag / Mention / Text

Filter potential winners by specific @mention, “words” or #hashtag 

Filter by Number of Tags

Request a minimum of @tags in a comment to be a valid participant

Export Comments

Export full list of comments and name of users that left then in spreadsheet format

Remove Doubles

Remove double entries to your Giveaway so everybody has an equal chance to win

Bonus Entries

Add participants names manually to your Giveaway, line by line.

Blacklist Users

Exclude a list of participants from the winning your giveaway.


Multi-Platform Giveaway Picker is Osortoo’s exclusive tool that allows you to pick a winner from both Instagram and Facebook at the same time, in one draw. We pick your winners from comments for your giveaway, contest, raffle or promotion on your Instagram and Facebook business pages.

Osortoo’s Multi-Platform Giveaway Picker works by gathering all the comments that your users have left on your Instagram & Facebook posts and picking random winners from it. Of course, you can apply filters to make sure the winner picked followed your participation rules. If you notice that the winner picked did not follow an extra rule, you can always redraw a new winner until you find one that followed all your giveaway guidelines.


To safely use our Multi-Platform Giveaway Picker you should connect your Instagram business page to Facebook Page and give Osortoo all permissions to connect to both of them.



Instagram Giveaway Picker

Pick random comments on Instagram

Facebook Giveaway Picker

Pick random comments on Facebook

Pick random comments on Facebook

Pick random comments on Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Multi-Platform Giveaway Picker is a paid tool. One draw on this giveaway costs one Social Media Credit (3.99$). There are no restrictions on the number of participants you can pick from.

Yes you can select multiple posts on both networks to pick your winners from. You need to have at least one comment on a post to be able to pick from it.

No you can’t. Facebook doesn't share info about comments on a personal Instagram or Facebook profile. (Instagram is owned by Facebook)

No, because Facebook only gives your data to trusted third parties that should follow security standards in order to protect your privacy. That’s why we need you to log in.

Yes you can add participants manually with our Bonus Entries filter.

Please head to our dedicated Instagram Giveaway Picker and pick winners just on Instagram.

Please try to refresh the page you're on. If that doesn't work please log off Osortoo and log in back again. These two tricks usually solve all the problems you might encounter.

Please contact our Osortoo Support on the chat box on your right. They will help you with any issue you might have.