All your Links in One Place

LinkTo is an online tool that helps you organize all your links in one place. Your social media links like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. As well as links to your
original work like your latest blog article, cooking recipe or podcast.

Great for Instagram. Now with LinkTo your one bio link on Instagram becomes a door to your amazing content & products. Just share the link in your bio and give your audience access to all your favorite pages.


LinkTo is easy to make and will be up and redirecting users in less than a minute. Just think of the handle you would like to use and the links you want to share. 


Customize your LinkTo with different themes from Dark Theme to Pink Radiant. Make your links visual by adding images or video on them. Get statistics of how many visits come through every link so you can improve them in the future.

LinkTo main features:

Have multiple links on Instagram

Draw traffic and visits from your Instagram profile to specific sites

Expose your content to the World

Show your product, book, blog post, cooking recipe or podcast to the world

Add Image and Video

Add images and videos to links, make them more visual

Customizable Themes

Use different themes to match your brand image

Dedicated Social Media icons

Get a social media icon next to every handle you enter, looks cool and minimal

Get Stats

Statistics on how many visits you have through every link

Looks great on Mobile devices

LinkTo looks great on desktop, tablet & mobile devices


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is, with our LinkTo you can have as many links as you want for free. But if you want to have more customization and insight into who is clicking your link you will have to upgrade to Business LinkTo or subscribe to some of our plans.

Yes you can add images as well as videos to your links and make them more visual. It's a great strategy for boosting engagement and driving traffic to your original work.

No, because we value your privacy and security, and we want all your data to be securely stored. That’s why we need you to log in to use any of our tools.

Sure, in fact we have a special Social Media Icons connected with your profiles so your users will just have to click them and go to your profile. We support Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Please try to refresh the page you're on. If that doesn't work please log off Osortoo and log in back again. These two tricks usually solve all the problems you might encounter.

Please contact our Osortoo Support on the chat box on your right. They will help you with any issue you might have.