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About Rugby Canada

Rugby Canada is the national governing body for the sport of Rugby in Canada. They have developed their own brand around the fact that “all Canadians can choose rugby to try, play and win” as they put it. They define their goal as “to provide inclusive, lifelong rugby experiences that cultivate participation and inspire excellence from the community to the club and the country.”

The challenge

Rugby Canada runs a contest on their social media channels approximately every month. Their contests take place on Facebook, or Instagram, or both. There are many benefits to their strategy. First, they engage their community by having them participate in the contest they offer. Second, they get to promote their stores’ products to their fans. And lastly, they gain subscribers by opening their contests only to people who follow them on social networks.

The solution

Thanks to the Social Media Picker tool, Osortoo makes it easy to run their contests. Indeed, the tool allows them to randomly and automatically draw the winner(s) of the contest, either on Instagram, Facebook, or both at the same time. They then announce on social networks the winners of the Osortoo certified contests.

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