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About Accor

The Accor Group has been a leader in global hospitality for years. They define themselves as “more than 260,000 experts determined to reinvent hospitality, no longer as a place or a service, but as a series of connected moments. We put people at the heart of everything we do, and we are driven by an unbridled passion for service and a taste for going the extra mile. We take care of several million customers in our 5,100 locations.”

The challenge

With the group owning 421 quarantine hotels in Western Australia, they want to enter all guests who sign up for the loyalty program into a prize draw. The contest offers 10 different prizes to guests who have the loyalty card. The purpose of this is to solicit new guests, who do not usually come to the hotels but are forced to by quarantine rules, to take advantage of the loyalty benefits. In addition, customer satisfaction could increase if, despite the health crisis, they have the chance to win a prize.

The solution

Using Osortoo, the hotel can set up this contest easily. Every room in the 421 hotels has a TV. With the help of a QR code that is displayed on the hotel room’s TV, all customers who subscribe to the Accor loyalty program can participate in the contest by entering their information. Instant Win participants know directly if they have won one of the prizes or not. There is no need to wait until the entry deadline for the winners of the 10 prizes to be named. Once the participant’s information is entered, they play their automatic, random draw to get their draw result immediately.

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