Why organize contests for your company, blog or e-commerce?

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The days when it was enough to produce an advertising campaign with a multichannel plan 2 times a year is over. Your customers and prospects want new content regulary. They need to be stimulated almost daily so they don’t lose their commitment. It is necessary to manage the content of your social networks to the image of your customers.


Contests are becoming more popular lately for a good reason, if done properly they can go viral and attract a lot of followers. They are always a good source of investment which is more easily quantifiable, a carefully crafted competition can very clearly bring you much more than it costs you. The craze generated increases exponentially when brands offer prizes and gifts.


Contests have several purposes; they are a direct interface between the brand and the customers. A source of interaction truly engaged and animated. The goal is very clearly to generate notoriety through the contest. As stated before, a contest that becomes viral is a contest that can pay you big and will have repercussions in time on your audience on social networks. It can indirectly increase your sales of products or services for companies, retain your first customers and convert new ones.


Contests are particularly suitable for product launches. You can either win your product or inform your audience about the product or range through quizzes.


In the same way contests are extremely useful when it comes to collecting data on your audience and recovering new prospects. So, use these resources advisedly for your next targeting.

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