Osortoo V3

We are proud to announce that Osortoo will soon be introduced in its third version. 

The Osortoo version 3 takes place from September 6, 2022.

We have listened to your feedback, we have taken your requests into account, and we are happy to announce that Osortoo V.3 will soon be online.

Social Media Picker now offers unlimited draws, no matter which subscription you choose!

Don’t pay per credits anymore, make as many draws as you want for the same price. 


Osortoo Winner Announcement

New themes are also making their first appearance on Osortoo! Discover a panel of new customizable themes to announce your winners like on the image above, or to announce your contest. Choose the video that best matches your contest theme, your brand image or your social media profile. 

 newer version of Osortoo

We have improvised and now LinkTo and Forms tools are not available on our platform. We have created some new favorite tools that will give you more freedom in choosing the random winner generator.

Osortoo V3 offers you its tools to create contests and giveaways on social networks and off social networks.

Osortoo is back better than ever, adapted to you, the users, and your needs!  Start your countdown from today, the newer version will be launched on September 6th we will reveal the new version of our software, be patient, the wait is worth it. 

PREVIOUS Subsciption

You’re probably wondering: “What will happen to my current subscription?” 

Don’t worry, your subscription will be updated automatically and you will have access to the new features that the third version of Osortoo offers for the same price as long as you don’t change your subscription or cancel your current subscription. 

Thanks to your support we are making progress every day to offer you the best service at the best price. This time we thank you for your trust in us by giving you access to an upgrade your subscription while keeping your price. 

Below you will find the new price list for the new Osortoo subscriptions.


Our Social Media Picker tool is now available in three new subscriptions (Starter/Pro/Business) available in monthly or yearly subscription. 

Starter$9$7 ($84)
Pro$19$14 ($168)
Business$49$39 ($468)


Our Contest tool is now available in three new subscriptions (Starter/Pro/Business) available in monthly or yearly subscription. 

Starter$24$19 ($228)
Pro$87$69 ($828)
Business$199$149 ($1788)

Full Package

BIG NEWS: Discover our “Full Package” option that gives you access to Contest & Social Media Picker in one subscription. Full Package comes in three subscriptions (Starter/Pro/Business) available in monthly or yearly subscription. 

Starter$29$22 ($264)
Pro$94$74 ($888)
Business$214$154 ($1848)
Full Package subscriptions

You have a question? Contact us by email: [email protected] or visit our contact page: https://osortoo.com/contact/

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