How to prepare an event adequately?

How to organise an event
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The preparation of an event can be difficult or close to impossible. It is necessary to know the ropes of a good organization but also to have experience in the field to create successful events and this is not done in a day. Nevertheless, there are techniques, steps to follow, to facilitate the preparation of an event. Here are a few.



The basics



Like any project, it is necessary to build solid foundations for your event. A good foundation is often synonymous with success and can help you to not get lost too quickly and let yourself go. The 5 main bases of a good organization are:


The definition of a goal. This may seem obvious, but to know where to go you have to know your destination. For this it is necessary to set concise and thoughtful objectives, which you must put on paper and that you should keep in mind until the end of your event.


Then comes the choice of the date. The date is a very important factor during an event. For example, you will probably have more success organizing a wedding in June than in December. It is also necessary to warn your guests early enough so that they can plan ahead.


The number of guests, the choice of the place and the budget are the last 3 bases. I chose to state them on the same point because these three factors are dependent one to another. To be brief, choosing the number of guests determines the location, the location determines the budget, and the budget determines the guests but also the location. You must be sure that the location of your event is the right one, the right size to welcome your guests but also confirm that you have the correct permissions for the event. For example, creating an event in a public place can cause noise nuisance problems after a certain time. You must anticipate the location according to your guests but also according to the place that will occupy the facilities on site.


Regarding the guests, several choices are available to you. You can organize an event with free admissions, a financial contribution or by invitation. Again, free entry events can be as difficult to handle if the location is not big enough.


Many factors determine the budget, number of guests, location, employees (if you need a team at your event), activities, food served, possible extra costs, etc. It is not too much to ask to study a budget with other people to be sure to foresee enough. For the budget, it is always better to forecast upward than to be short of money. Do not hesitate to write a detailed plan of the process of the event, even if the plans are rarely followed, it will help you to structure the event in your head.






Then comes the step of preparation, there begins the real puzzle, the one that will ask you the most time.


The first thing to do is to organize your invitations and define the maximum capacity of people for a free entrance. It is necessary to properly record your invitation sendings in order to count the answers without errors. The number of positive answers, although always variable, will give you the procedure to follow for the installations that you wish to make, the quantities of perishable object and activities to be envisaged.


Again, give a lot of importance to the timing, do not ask for example the delivery of your popcorn machine the same morning, it will avoid a good dose of stress. Prefer to install the place as soon as you can and without losing time to avoid any problems.


Food is also a sensitive topic, always consider the habits of your guests before planning a particular menu or do not plan an entrée / dish / dessert meal for a one-hour reception, schedules will never be respected. In the same way we can not serve the same menu to adults as to children. Remember to know the religious orientation of your guests, it is a detail too often forgotten.


During the preparation, it is even contingent to think beyond the event. Imagine that you are organizing a party where alcohol is served, it would be inadmissible to let a drunk guest leave the event. Remember to organize shuttles as needed or accommodation depending on the time of your event.


It is truly necessary to think of everything, keep in mind that the small details make the difference, bathroom at the table of your guests while going through the animation.


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When the event is around the corner



Organization and coordination are the key words. If you lead a team, make sure you put them on the same pitch, set specific roles for everyone, and provide them with all the tools they need to complete their assignments. It is important to check that everyone knows their tasks and responsibilities well. Do not forget that a happy team is a team that works, you can offer bonuses to your team so that they remain confident and motivated throughout the event (money, food, drinks, goodies, etc.)


A few days before the event, you must familiarize yourself with the places. Remember to make the organization as simple as possible while keeping in mind the number of guests. Just like you, your team must also know the place on their fingertips, show them at the k by k all the spaces where they will work and the facilities at their disposal.


Even if it is necessary to visit the place a few days before to make small arrangements to the needs of your customers, avoid the big last minute modifications. Set a date for your customers or yourself from which you will not accept any major changes. However, think at professional events to know the expectations of your prospects or customers, the more you fill their requests, the more they will be satisfied. Do not hesitate to provide gifts, preferably customized for your customers, it is often this type of attention that make the difference between a good event and a very successful event.



Here we are at D-Day!



The most important thing that many people have trouble doing on D-Day is delegating. Did you train your teams well? You hired them because you think they are competent? In this case, delegate! You already have a lot to do with the event itself. When you delegate, be firm but do not forget the courtesy forms. In the same way, inform them of everything that happens during the evening (activities, respect of schedules, moods of the guests, etc.) so that they are able to manage the guests properly.


If you are organizing an event on your behalf or representing a brand, be sure to greet your guests and make sure everything is fine for them, again a happy customer is a loyal customer. So plan to spend a good part of your time on this without harassing them. A “if you need anything do not hesitate to ask me” is enough.


DO NOT PANIC. Remember, very few events go as planned and most of the issues you panic for are not dramatic. Stay calm and concise, do not put pressure on yourself. Be flexible on your schedules.


If your activities depend on a factor that does not depend on you (for example the weather) think beforehand to organize a plan B. In the same way for the menus if you make a meal, to be able to change the menu of a particular customer when the time comes is proof of flexibility.



After the storm



That’s it ! You did it. Congratulate your team cheerfully but do not forget to congratulate yourself too. Remember to make sure that your team is paid for and that it has touched everything that is due to it.


What happens before the event is just as important as the event. You must be sure that all the equipment you have rented or borrowed as well as the place is in the same condition as when you had it. Firstly you will not lose your bonds, but you can certainly work with these people in the future and get better prices.


Another very important aspect of “after the fact” is taking feedback. The opinions of your guests are extremely important. You can find out what was wrong, what could have been improved and what was good. In this way, your next events can only be better.

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