How to create beautiful Landing pages

Exemple de page d'accueil
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Let me explain how Landing pages can work for you.

You wrote a book, and you want to promote it.

You have chosen a place, and you want to know how many people are Interested to come.

You make a Landing page about your book promotion, like this one.

Example of a Landing page

You can make a form and ask for people’s first name, last name, mail etc.

Later you can use this info for marketing purposes and analytics.

The names and email addresses you get from people who attend can be used for direct marketing via email.

Marketing via mail is the most effective type of marketing, and it has the greatest conversion rate.

To create Landing page with Osortoo follow this steps:

Sign Up for free at

Select Landing Pages from Menu

Select Landing Pages from Menu

Select Create Form Project

Here you enter your Project’s name.

You can also do your project in French (yes Osortoo is bilingual).

You can choose to send confirmation to your attendee’s mail as soon as they register.

Enter project name

After that you Select Layout

If you use our Pro pricing plan you will be able to choose from 3 different layouts.

Also if you are a Pro user you can make your customizable background and add your logo at the bottom.

So be sure to check our pricing here.

Select your layout design

Upload your image by attaching it to Background Image.

You can find great high resolution images for free at Unsplash and Pexels, they are great resources.

Use the ‘Text on the right bottom background’ for entering your logo, as text or image.

Next, Form Builder

Osortoo's Form Builder

Form Builder is building the Title and the questions of the Landing Page.

So put your Title at the top, and your sub-header, like I have done here.

And then add your questions and the type of data that you wasn’t to collect.

For example take a look at the Email question.

Example how to enter your question

Use the + sign to add more questions to your form.

You can select ‘Email field’ so attendees will have to enter mail with @ sign, like [email protected]

You can also select ‘Mandatory field’ so attendees will not be able to apply unless they fill this field too.

You can chose Date, Time or checkbox depending on what info you like to gather.

If not sure just use ‘Text field’, it works great with every type of data.

When ready click Save Form, and go to the final page.

Details – you have created your Landing Page

Details is last page of Landing page creation

Click View to see your Landing Page.

Click Copy and paste the link to your social media profiles or send it through What’s App, Viber etc.

Congratulations you have made a Landing Page with Osortoo!

Congratulations you have made a Landing Page

Now If you need to change something…….

You want to add another question, or remove one, just go back to Landing Page in the Menu.

Edit your projects

Go to Details and from there you will be able to edit every part of the Project.

To get the list of all the participants go to Entries List 

List of registered attendees

Here you see all the info that you gathered. Like first name, last name and emails.

To export this data in Excel spreadsheet just click ‘Download All Contestants’.

As we said at the beginning of this article, collected data is really valuable.

You can use it to push sales on the attendees or to organize marketing campaigns.

In any case it’s great for creating a community around your product/brand.

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