6 Ways Companies Use Osortoo

Osortoo, un outil multitâche
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Osortoo allows companies to develop their event marketing by betting on the participants and potential clients engagement but also on the efficiency and simplicity of the engagement process. The purpose of the application is to offer to companies centralization of the different marketing strategies usable during events while simplifying the setup process. This way we are saving your time, but also giving you accurate analytics that can you can’t get any other way. Here are some examples:

  • Starting your sales with a Contest 

Is there any better way of drawing your first clients than offering them your product as a Giveaway prize?

Osortoo helps you to set up a Contest/Giveaway in seconds. You can draw winners even at the opening party. You can use our Live Contest tool and draw winners and project the results in real time, so everybody can see.

  • After-sales satisfaction questionnaire

You want to evaluate your performances and the quality of your services?

Build a form with the questions you want and gather the data. This data is very important for your business further growth.

  • Drawings on social medias

Make drawings on Facebook or Instagram Giveaways. Choose criteria by which you want to pick your winners and have the results in seconds.

Follow the steps of this short guide and make your Giveaways today.

  • Human resources evaluation

You would like to have a feedback from your employees on a particular subject?

Osortoo allows you employees to send you feedback directly and allows you to have all the results centralized and ready to export.

  • Meetings/lecture forms

Engage your audience while presenting a subject can be sometimes difficult. Osortoo can help you here!

Create a form that your audience will have to fill in and animate your presentations based on the data of your audience.

  • Accept payments on Stripe and PayPal

You can accept payments during your events on Stripe and Paypal directly from our app. There is no need anymore of a third entity, its only you and the audience!

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