5 Ways to be More Social on Instagram

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Being social on Instagram is essential.

I know, I know I sound like Captain Obvious, but it’s true.

One of the best strategies to grow your followers on Instagram is to be more social.

You see Instagram rewards certain behaviors by giving you greater exposure.

The main goal of Instagram is to grow and keep users on the network as long as possible. And nothing keeps users online more than insightful conversations, good product reviews, longer story-like captions.

It’s like in real life. The most interesting people are those who tell a good story.

So what are some ways that you can become more social on Instagram? Take a look at our tips.

Interact with others, by leaving comments, reviews or faving

1. Interact with others

Many think of Instagram as a place where you just share pictures with fitting captions.

Maybe it was like that in the beginning, but not anymore.

Instagram now is about connecting people and making a community.

So if you want people to notice you, you have to engage with them.

It’s not enough to just have something. If you really like it why not leave a comment?

Leaving comments is very important and is showing the thinking side of you, opposed to your images that show how you look.

Best comments are always those that help someone.

So if someone is looking for advice, or tips, or maybe recommendation, don’t hesitate to share the info you have.

If you bought something and you are really satisfied with the product, why not leave a short review in the comment, on the product page?

You can even take a photo of it and tag the company/author of that thing, belive me they will appreciate it.

When you do this for some time other users will figure out that you are a genuine person that wants to help. They will appreciate it and try to give something back to you, at least a follow, or a good comment on some of your content.

2. Add Videos and Boomerangs

People like photos, but they like videos even more.

Videos are great for Instagram. They start playing automatically, so you got a whole lot more followers exposed to your content.

Boomerang and IG Videos work best on Instagram

Personal videos work best, something you recorded on your vacation, some trip of yours, something interesting happened, if it’s personal it will work.

Videos that are personal work toward the goal of creating deeper connection between you and your followers.

They get to know how you sound, what kind of face expressions you make and they get to know you better.

Boomerangs are great for sharing brief animated video of a few seconds (10 seconds on default).

You can share what you eat, where you are at the moment and other interesting things without caring about what you will say and without making any preparation.

So if you want to share just a few seconds of video of your daily life go for the Boomerang video.

3. Go Live

Go Live on Instagram

Live videos always draw a lot of attention on Instagram.

It makes sense, because your followers care about your opinions and what’s happening in your life at the moment.

So if you quickly want to inform them just go live and start talking.

Live videos don’t have to be structured like the pre recorded videos. You can go off script as much as you want.

You just have to make sure to hold to the topic you have picked, and be honest.

Followers can easily notice when someone is not honest and is faking it and for them this is a huge turn off.

So whenever you feel like it, think of a topic, go live and have fun.

Also if someone ask you a question during your live video, try to take it into consideration and answer him/her.

4. Do Giveaways

Giveaways are also a great tool to be more social on Instagram and become closer with your followers.

You can make giveaways with your products, but you can also give some personal item of yours that you really like.

Your followers will appreciate having a part of you, and it will surely bring you together.

No matter if you give something personal or a product, this good feeling in your followers, and they will appreciate it.

To learn how to make giveaways on Instagram read this short guide.

5. Uplift others

This might seem as a cliché, but it isn’t.

The Internet has become such a divisive place. But it wasn’t like this always.

Before social networks came along people were connecting through forums, emails, or even SMS messages.

Usually when you wanted to connect with someone, you did so because you wanted to learn something new, hear a different opinion and meet different people.

Now the online culture has gone sour. Many want to just act contrarian no matter if it makes sense or not. Making swift judgments on others has become a sport, and they are not really interested in the person on the other side.

So let’s bring back some of what we had before. Be nice to others, try to understand their point of view.

You don’t have to agree with them, but you can always respect their opinion.

If you see someone struggling try to uplift them with a good comment, or write them some good words in DM.

Believe me they will appreciate it, plus you will win a friend.

There is so much negativity in the world, good deeds will surely stand out, and your followers will appreciate them.

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